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Stress Management

Stress-based reactions may include irritability, decreased concentration, pessimism and inability to manage time. Because of the imbalance between the needs of your patients, employees, dental practice and most of all your own self, stress keeps increasing.

JB Partners breaks that cycle and provides the safety net you need. We understand relationship between financial, personal and leadership stress in every dental practice.

Our Coaches give you the insights and coping tools to recognize the triggers of stress; lead a more energized and meaningful life; make long overdue decisions; and feel confident again your own potential.

Proven Results…

  • A New Way of Living

  • Work-Life Integration

  • Balance in Your Life & Work

  • Self-Discovery

  • Refreshing Sleep

  • Less Worry

  • Improved Health

  • Better Relationships with Family & Friends

S.M.a.R.T. (Life) Coaching

Our customized assessments take the pulse of your stress. With these results you and your Coach develop your own personal S.M.a.R.T. (Stress Management & Resiliency Training) Coaching plan to achieve your life’s goals. The work you do with your Coach will have you thriving with less stress and greater resiliency in everything you do.

  • Customized Program

  • Assessments

  • Life Goal setting

  • Exercises and tools delivered in bite-sized packages

  • Scheduled 45 minute coaching calls paced perfectly for you

  • An emailed summary of our calls to capture the highlights, next steps, and action items

  • Tailor-made tool box

  • Unlimited and Continuous Support

  • Exercises and tools delivered in bite-sized packages

  • On-Demand Laser Coaching

Getting Started

If you’re ready to enjoy dentistry again, click the button below and complete the 2 question form. Once you have completed and submitted the form, we will contact you to begin the process.

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