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“When Jen came on board my revenue increased about 25% and sustained. After she came to my practice personally, we made another increase.”

“What helps me the most about Jen is that she really took the time to get to know my personality, style of work, and how I do dentistry and then she customized a way for me to work in a structure that is less stressed. It allowed me to be more myself and be more happy being in the office.”

“These days my work days seems to go a little faster and is more enjoyable.”

Dr. John Rong

I was at a pivotal stage in my career; looking to redefine my next professional chapter. After my first phone consult with Jen Butler, I felt very confident in my decision to engage her services. We scheduled our weekly calls and we made a punch list of items we would discuss at the next call. During that week, doubt crept in and I was rethinking my decision. At the next call I told Jen that maybe this type of service wasn’t for me after all. We continued to discuss the reasons that I was giving and after that hour Jen had provided such clarity for me that we agreed this could be very beneficial.

I recommend Jen Butler to anyone who truly wants to grow and achieve new heights in their personal and professional lives. She is a gem of a human being!

Since that call almost one year ago, I have allowed myself to indulge in the process of self discovery, self acceptance, self encouragement, and huge leaps and bounds in productivity by creating my vision which is most definitely outside of the box! With Jen’s intuition and guidance along with concrete suggestions there has been no stone unturned both personally and professionally. One must understand and accept the premise that all achievements stem from our own self concept and self imposed limitations, and that once we can acknowledge these things we are set up for growth.

Bonnie Rae, DDS-Delray, Florida

I have been practicing dentistry since 1999, and have had the privilege of working with some of the most prominent dental consultants in the industry. Jennifer Butler has been one of the most impactful that I have worked with to date. She has a knack for gauging the energy and feel of your practice and teaching you to do the same. She can really dial in to those areas of poor team communication, negative interpersonal relationships and areas of frustration that deplete team energy and slowly eat away at the positive momentum in your practice.

Jennifer has taught me to become a better leader for my entire team. She has a way of holding up a mirror that allowed me to see more clearly the vision for my practice, and more importantly, how to engage my team and enlist their help in executing it. As a result of my coaching with Jennifer Butler, I have improved my position as the leader in my practice.

My team has benefited with a better level of communication and a more engaged and energized working environment. We as dentists spend a good deal of time and money on continuing education classes to become a better clinician. The time I have spent with Jennifer Butler, however, and the positive impact it has made on me as a woman, a dentist, and a practice owner, has had the best return on investment than the majority of the CE I have taken in years.

I would recommend Jennifer Butler, and Keystone Partnerships to any dentist looking to improve the morale and energy of your team and yourself. She can truly change the way you look at your team members and teach you to be a better leader and visionary for your dental practice.

Cari Callaway, DDS, FAGD, Las Vegas, NV

“We set specific 6-month goals for our office and we had certain things that we needed to accomplish. Jen has helped us get there from a numbers standpoint, from an organizational standpoint, and she has taken our office and transformed it into what we really wanted it to be.”

Dr. Fehmi

“Hand’s down Jen is the real thing. You’ve got to hear her speak. Dental teams need to hear Jen speak so they can work together in peace and harmony. You need to hear Jen speak so you don’t secrete a lot of cortisol and end up having a heart attack. She is the number one stress management expert in dentistry!”

Howard Farran; CEO and Founder, DentalTown-Phoenix, AZ

“All dentists are stressed (or lying about it), often we feel we are the only ones. Jen’s presentation made me realize that I am not alone. She offered many simple and amazing ideas to help lead a more stress-free life, and how it will positively impact your office. I cannot wait to listen to her speak again for even more advice.”

Dr. Nikki Norton, Las Vegas, NV

“I feel that my time spent with Jen Butler has had a positive effect, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to reduce their stress, enjoy their career, and have a happier home.”

Jaci Spencer, DDS-Brighton,CO

“I can’t believe that in only a few weeks of Jen’s coaching I’ve had my highest month of production in years, new patient count is up, and I feel excited to go to work. I didn’t think things could be like this just after a few sessions with Jen.”

Doug McNeal, DDS- Halifax, CA

“I would wake up so many mornings stressed….she held me by my feet and shook all the change out of my pocket. She delved and investigated and figured out exactly what was wrong. She made recommendations and I resisted. When I finally listened and implemented her suggestions, everything worked out very well.  Since I’ve known Jen, my collections have increased about 50-60% from what they were when we started.”

Since I’ve known Jen, my collections have increased about 50-60% from what they were when we started.

“My practice was 8 years old when I started with Jen and now it is just over 10 years.  In the two years since we’ve been working together I’ve had tremendous satisfaction in what I do.  I don’t feel like I work hard.  I feel happy and satisfied and I’m glad that I asked Jen to come help me.”

Dr. Sharon Bader

” I have been working with Jen for two months and have seen significant improvements and potential. We are excited to continue working with Jen.”

Dr. Christopher Tiu, Twin Falls, Idaho

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