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What to expect: Approaching business coaching from an open-minded perspective

Congratulations! The fact that you found this website shows you realize your practice can be improved, and you want to initiate change. It also indicates that you value the guidance of a professional, much as your patients value your training, talents, skills, and experience. Now you want to know what to expect from dental business coaching. This page is a great place to expand your understanding of how Jen Butler and her team at JB Partners can help.

What to expect from business coaching

  • Transparency – Your office is unique in every aspect, from how your receptionist answers the phone to scheduling, procedural protocols, staff personalities, roles, and finances. A consultant cannot help you without developing a deep understanding of how your practice operates. Be prepared to open your doors, books, records, and heart to this trusted partner.
  • Tough questions – A good consultant homes in on problem areas with laser-focused questions. Some of them won’t be easy to answer. They will require soul-searching and delving into areas you might have turned a blind eye to for a long time. Sustainable results are well worth temporary discomfort.
  • Honest answers – Expect a JB Partners consultant to tell it like it is. When that’s not what you want to hear, it is exactly what you need to hear. Remember, we are working together always.
  • Accountability – You will have on-site sessions, scheduled phone consultations, assignments, and follow-up. Your consultant understands how busy you are, but will not let you off the hook with excuses. You will be compassionately held accountable to this commitment to improve.

Systematic analysis, strategy, and outcomes

The adventure begins with frank discussion about where your practice is presently and where you want it to go. We spend a lot of time discussing what causes you stress, how it interferes with performance, and the impact it has on the rest of your life. Prioritization helps to determine where to focus immediate attention.

An in-depth analysis of your practice is next. Together, we outline problems and opportunities, looking closely at the systems and structures already in place to support operations. The most important objective of coaching, and the one with far-reaching impact, is to adjust mindsets – yours and those of your team.

You can expect each coaching session to be energizing, challenging, and supportive, contributing to your personalized plan of action.

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