What is the role of a hygiene department?

This is a common question asked by both hygienists and owner doctors. To their surprise, the answer is usually more involved than it might appear at first glance. The reality of a hygiene department is that it serves as a health education business. As a business within a business, two questions need to be [...]

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Adding an Associate Doctor

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The Insurance Racket

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3 Steps to Stress Management

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Drowning Out Bad Reviews and Getting the 5-Stars

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3 Massive Mistakes Dentists Make Keeping Them Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Dreading Mondays

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Improve your Personal Productivity

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What you need to know about office drama

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Experienced consultant says leadership coaching must recognize the character of your practice

The business of dentistry has changed. Thirty years ago, a dentist could operate profitably, accepting insurance or practicing on a fee for service basis. Emphasis on refining day-to-day methods was not an issue when overhead was lower, and income was higher. Today’s dentist faces increasing competition from a corporate business model, a narrowed profit [...]

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